Master Servicing:

As Master Servicer, AMRESCO assumes ultimate responsibility for the administration of all commercial loans contained in a securitization, or owned by a third-party lender or investor.

Responsibilities vary according to the underlying servicing agreement, but common duties include:

a) Invoicing, collecting monthly loan payments, managing escrow accounts and calculating loan payoffs;

b) Preparing investor reports and instructing the trustee how to disburse the collected funds;

c) Making advances of missed payments to the bond trustee;

d) Monitoring financial reporting and covenant compliance of the underlying obligors;

e) Monitoring the payment of real property taxes, ensuring that applicable insurance coverage is maintained and filing applicable UCC continuation and termination statements;

f) Documenting loan assumptions, collateral swaps and lien releases; and

g) Transferring loans that become non-performing to the special servicer or special servicing department.